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Review Updated On: October 28, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- An enormous amount of natural (real boobs) and "hairy" content
- Daily updates (each update containing multiple photosets and video clips)

- Slightly dated design and some confusing navigation
- No interaction

Members Area Content as of October 28, 2008:
Pics: 1,300+ models, 1,500,000+ pics
Vids: 1,000+ videos

ATK Natural and Hairy Review

Today I'm taking a second look at yet another website brought to you by those masters of megacontent: ATKingdom. I've already reviewed ATK Galleria, ATK Exotics, and ATK Premium for QAP and been bowled over by the staggering amount of content (over a million pictures and thousands of videos) these guys consistently offer up in whichever niche they choose. Today's site, ATK Natural and Hairy, is no exception. As you can probably guess from the name, the focus here is on natural breasted girls who don't shave (primarily) their pussies. There are also plenty of models who don't shave elsewhere as well, but you can at least count on every single girl here having real boobs and a full-bush. I've never been a real fan of the whole "hairy" fetish (always liked girls fully shaven or at most, with a landing strip, and I even shave parts of my own body LOL) but I know there are definitely guys that dig this stuff. For all of you (and all you do), this one's for you. Remember that commercial? Anyhow, read on...

The ATK Natural and Hairy members area looks very similar to the other ATKingdom sites I've reviewed (no real surprise there, these guys have sort of a patented design and they're sticking to it. It is getting a bit dated though, in my opinion). The main page has a title graphic at the top, a collage of a few of the chicks you'll find inside, and a vertical menu of buttons off to the righthand side that links to the member content. As with ATK Galleria and Exotics, there are thumbnail ads at the bottom of the page advertising the various other ATKingdom sites you can join (Galleria, Exotics, Premium, etc.) and the main menu itself has a link to a video store and an entire links section to outside sites. I point this out just so you can avoid these areas if you aren't a fan of advertisements. Anyhow, as always with ATKingdom, there's a ton of content here to take a look at so let's get started.

To access the pictures and videos, all of the usual ATKingdom options are available here at ATK Natural and Hairy (if you've read my other ATKingdom reviews, these will probably sound very familiar to you) . There's a model directory which presents the models on the site (all 1,300+ of them) in an alphabetical listing complete with headshots and (sometimes) personal data. Then there's a search engine feature that allows you to search the site for something relatively specific. There's a similar search function on all of the ATKingdom sites, but some of the variables are changed depending on the site you're searching. For instance, although all of the sites list such things as Name, Age, and Breast Size as search terms, you'll also find things like Scary Hairy, Exotic Hairy, Hairy Lesbians, and Hairy Armpits on ATK Natural and Hairy. The search engine is a pretty cool tool and should help you zero in on something specific in this giant mountain of content.

If you want to check out the content that's been most recently added to the site, you can visit the Latest Updates page and take a look at what's been added each day for about the last two weeks. Incidentally, the update schedule here is impressive as hell (as it typically is with ATKingdom sites): ATK Natural and Hairy is updated daily with around 7 photosets and 5 video clips. Anyhow, on the updates page, you'll basically just get the model's name and the general section their stuff was added to, so you might have to poke a round a bit in here to find what you're looking for. Alternatively to all of this, if you prefer the direct approach (as I do), you can just jump right into the Photo or Video Galleries (links to both are provided in the main menu). Let's start our tour by taking a closer look at the photos here at ATK Natural and Hairy, shall we?

As I expected, there is an absolutely jaw-dropping amount of content here. Over 1,300 models and 1,500,000+ pictures(!). The content is a mix of non-exclusive (as with the other ATKingdom sites, I think they pretty much buy every set they can find that applies to the particular niche) and exclusive sets. The pictures are divided into seven big categories: Young & Hairy (18-29 year old hairy babes), Scary Hairy! (these girls have super hairy bushes and often hair in other areas as well), Hairy Fun (masturbation), Exotic & Hairy (ethnic hairy girls), Hairy Lesbians (18-23 year olds with full-bushes playing together), Mature & Hairy (30-50 year old full bush models), and Wives & Girlfriends (member submitted hairy girl pics). Each of these sections is pretty stripped-down as far as design goes. There's simply a text filled table listing and linking to the various sub-sections within that category (ATKingdom always calls these sub-sections "Volumes"). Next to each volume number is a list of the models contained within it. Once you select a volume, you are presented with thumbnails of the various girls which link to the actual picture galleries. As with the other ATKingdom sites (although ATK Exotics did have some notable exceptions that I thought looked pretty bad), the pictures here all look pretty good. The photos weigh in at around 682 x 1024 (older stuff) or 1000 x 1500 (newer stuff) and look great as far as quality goes (the newer material looks better than the older stuff). Considering the amount of photos here, it's cool that they are still able to maintain some sort of standard here and not let the whole quantity over quality thing get out of hand.

The subject matter here is pretty obvious, especially if you take a look at the various pic categories. The main idea here (of course) is that all of the girls at ATK Natural and Hairy have totally natural breasts (of varying sizes) and unshaved pussies. As I mentioned, you'll see older women, younger women, various ethnicities, some pregnant girls, solo masturbation, and lesbian sets all containing women with real tits and full bushes. Quite a few girls also have hair under their arms and on their legs as well---I even saw one chick with such a wild bush she had a happy trail leading up to her belly button for pete's sake. There aren't any hardcore (boy-girl) sets here: the most you'll find are the masturbation and lesbian series.

The Movie Galleries section contains 64+ volumes of content (each volume contains 7-12 models and each model then has multiple movie clips). This works out to over 1,000 videos to check out here. Format-wise, it looks like the earlier clips are in either Real Media or Quicktime, the middle of the archive contains MPG's and then the more recent stuff offers the choice of WMV or MOV. The earlier stuff is availabe for stream or download, it looks like the newer stuff is download only. There is a slight variance in quality throughout the archive (I guess it depends on the photographer and content source), with some of the clips looking rather pixelated and others that look quite nice and are very watchable at full-screen. On the whole, I'd say the video quality of the majority of the archive here is good, with some average to below average stuff mixed in. The newer stuff look particularly nice and weighs in at 640 x 480 at 1400K. The content of the clips is pretty similar to the photos: all-natural hairy girls posing, masturbating, and having lesbian sex.

In addition to the huge archive of "hairy" fetish photos and videos, you'll also find a video store here and a live webcam/chat site that specializes in hairy babes.

Bottom Line
Whenever I'm trying to sum up a review of an ATKingdom site, some mention of the sheer quantity of content always has to be made. Consequently, I'll start things off by saying that if you're looking for an amateur "hairy" girl site (I think the natural boobs thing is somewhat secondary here), it's doubtful that you'll find another site out there offering as many pics and vids as ATK Natural and Hairy. These guys always come up with so much content it's staggering. On top of the that, the quality of both pics and vids is quite good overall. There's a good variety of stuff here ranging from softcore to masturbation to lesbian content. If you're looking for hardcore boy-girl hairy content, you'll have to look elsewhere, but otherwise ATK Natural and Hairy is the ultimate site for amateur "hairy" fetishists.
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