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Primary Category: Megasites, Secondary Categories: Asian, Ebony, Latina

Price: $29.99/month, $64.99/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: October 30, 2008 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 0/5
Originality: 4/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Enormous archive of ethnic coed content
- Daily updates of multiple photosets and videos

- Some of the older content is of lesser quality
- Slightly dated design
- No interaction

Members Area Content as of October 30, 2008:
Pics: 1,400+ models, approximately 1,000,000 pics
Vids: 7,000+ video clips

ATK Exotics Review

Today I'm taking a followup look at ATK Exotics, one of four ATKingdom sites I have reviewed for QAP (if you missed my reviews of ATK Premium, ATK Galleria, or ATK Natural and Hairy, you might want to check those out as well). The guys from ATKingdom run some of the most popular amateur coed sites online and their specialize in offering an enormous amount of content (pics and videos) in their members areas. The quality is always quite good as well, but with the amount of photos and movies these guys throw around (1,000,000 pics and thousands of videos), it's hard not to be impressed with the quantity first and foremost. Anyhow, today's site, ATK Exotics, is the quintessential ethnic ATKingdom site, featuring "exotic" girls of black, Latin, Indian (Native American and East Indian), Polynesian, Asian, and Meditteranean (this category is pretty broad as I explain later) descent. Some of these categories are pretty tough to find content for (whether you're purchasing it or shooting it youself, the models aren't in large supply) so I'll definitely be impressed if the ATK guys can provide their usual large amount of content for these hard to find ethnicities.

The ATK Exotics main members page is set up similarly to the other ATKingdom sites I've checked out. There's a title graphic, a collage of some of the cuties you'll see inside, and a menu of buttons that link to the ATK Exotics members content (primarily consisting of pictures and videos). There are also some thumbnail pics down at the bottom of the main page, but these are just ads for the other ATKingdom sites (ATK Premium, ATK Galleria, ATK Natural & Hairy, etc.). There are some ad-type areas in the main menu as well (a Video Store and a Links section) so watch out for those if you're looking for content.

To check out the content here, you have a few options. There's an alphabetized Model Directory in the main menu (and a few other places throughout the members area) that you can use to surf through the headshots of all the girls on the site. Clicking their pic takes you to the content they have available. You can also use the Latest Updates link in the main menu. Scroll down past the ATK thumbnail ads (same as the ones on the main page) and you'll see the listings of recent additions to the members area. The most recent update comes complete with preview thumbnails of the models, the older stuff is just textually listed by title, model, and date. The update schedule is pretty impressive with several new photosets being added daily (it looks like videos are only updated around monthly though) You can also use the search engine provided on the site to find what you're looking for. This looks like a relatively advanced search tool, allowing you to sort models based on a large amount of parameters from their name, age, hair color, and breast size to whether they wear braces, have videos available, or shave their pussy hair. You can also do a second step which cross references that search with various categories within the Hardcore and Softcore divisions like Black Women, Island Girls, Asians, Blowjobs, Interracial, and Water Sports. Pretty cool. Lastly, there are direct links to the Photo Galleries and Softocre/Hardcore movies available in the main menu if you just want to dive right in and start checking things out. Anyhow, as always, let's head on over to take a look at the picture galleries first.

As with the ATK Galleria (which I reviewed a few days ago), there is an enormous amount of photo content (1,400+ models, roughly 1,000,000 pics) here at ATK Exotics and as a result, it will take you several clicks to get to the actual pictures. After choosing the Photo Galleries link in the main menu, you'll be presented with a two column table dividing the pics into Softcore and Hardcore galleries. These two big divisions are then further divided into 10 categories each (Black Women, Thick Women, Asians, etc. for Softcore; Blowjobs, Watersports, Interracial, etc. for Hardcore). After choosing a subcategory, you'll be taken to a page with a lot of text on it. It appears that each subcategory (for instance, Asians) is divided up into numbered "Volumes". The models appearing in that volume are listed next to it's number. Clicking the text link takes you to a thumbnail page of the various models contained within the volume. Once you click on a model's pic on this page, you will finally be taken to the typical gallery of thumbnails for that girl and be able to start checking out some pics (incidentally, all of the photosets here are available for download as zipsets, so that's cool). As I said in my ATK Galleria review, I think all this clicking is the curse of having so much content, which of course is can hardly be considered a bad thing. One convenient item I did notice here is that on all these pages, there's a sidebar menu containing links to the general areas of the members section (Latest Updates, Search Engine, Main Page, etc.), links to the various categories in the Softcore and Hardcore divisions, and also the letters of the Model Directory. This is convenient because you don't have to hit the Back button twenty times to return to where you started or to go somewhere else.

Ok, so what do we have in the way of pics? Size-wise, the earlier stuff looks like it weighs in at just under 600 x 800 (512 x 768 or thereabouts). The more recent sets (and the majority of the archive it looks like) are nice and large at around 683 x 1024 or 1000 x 1500 in size, which is cool. As far as quality goes, the newer sets are definitely far superior to the older material. I'm pretty sure the content here is both exclusive and non-exclusive, but I can't be sure of the ratio between the two. Either way, I think this could certainly account for the variability in pic quality, as some sets looked good and others (especially a lot of the older content) were pretty mediocre and old-looking. It looks like they're pretty much buying anything ethnic they can get their hands on and as a result, it's a mixed bag. As far as pic content is concerned, I think most every "exotic" ethnicity is represented here. The softcore categories include: Black Women, Ghetto Girls (girls with accessories like bandannas, gold jewelry, tattoos and a so-called "attitude"), Dime Pieces (not too sure what this is, so I guess I'm not hip to the jive, yo), Latinas, Thick Women (these girls are still ethnic, but with big booties), Asians, Indians (both East Indian and Native American), Island Girls, Meditteranean (kind of a catch-all category embracing girls from southern Europe to the Middle East). Public Nudity is also thrown in there as a category as well. The Hardcore area boasts the following sections: Masturbation, Pregnant, Action Series (boy-girl sex), Girl-Girl, Blowjobs, Foot Fetish, Toys, Watersports, Interracial, and Upskirt/Panties. The girls here are young (18 to early 20's) and pretty cute (although I saw some dogs thrown in there as well), but it seemed to me that the main draw here isn't first and foremost the girl's looks; if the chicks fit into the ethnic category they were looking for and were passable looks-wise, they got in.

The movies at ATK Exotics are divided into Hardcore and Softcore right from the main menu (you also need to re-enter your username and password in order to access the movie areas). Between the two sections, you'll find a whopping 7,000+ videos to check out here. The earlier videos are in Real Media format, the middle of the archive contains MPG's and the more recent clips offer the choice of WMV or MOV files. The older stuff is available for stream or download, the newer vids look to be download only. The video quality here is pretty good, with the newer WMV's and MOV's predictably looking better than the older MPG's and Real Media clips. The newer vids come in at 640 x 480 at 1200K and look very nice...they're well-lit and pretty clear even at full-screen. The quality of the older material ranges from good to just average. Checking out a smattering of videos, I noticed that (as with ATK Galleria, some of the movies are behind the scenes at photoshoots while others are straight action consisting of posing, stripping, masturbation, and sex, depending on the scene and which movie section you're in (Hardcore or Softcore).

Bottom Line
If you're a fan of ethnic or exotic-looking women, ATK Exotics has a huge amount of pics and videos of young hotties from every racial origin you can imagine. If you've got a fetish for a particular ethnicity that's usually hard to find on the Net (East Indian and Native American spring to mind), this site could be a real find for you. I also liked the fact that some of the pic categories here were uniquely geared toward certain aspects of ethnicity (i.e. the Ghetto Girls and Thick Women [big booty] sections). The amount of content here is huge (in typical ATKingdom fashion) but I did think that some of the material (especially the older stuff) wasn't quite up to snuff quality-wise as the last ATK site I reviewed, ATK Galleria. The more recent stuff though, looks very nice. If you're looking for a wide array ethnic coed content, ATK Exotics offers one of the biggest archives out there today.
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