Anastasia Pierce

Primary Category: Fetish

Price: $24.95/month, $44.95/90 days (recurring)
Updates: Once a week
Reviewed On: November 11, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 14/20
Content Quantity: 8/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 8/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 80, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Lots of unique amateur fetish content
- Great interaction with Anastasia (multiple live camshows, 24/7 spycams, and forum)
- Reasonable price

- Videos are small

Members Area Content as of November 11, 2006:
Pics of Anastasia Pierce: 82 photosets for a total of 5,000+ pics
Vids of Anastasia Pierce: 65 videos (Quicktime format only)
Webcam: 3 weekly live webcam shows, 24/7 live spycams
Other Content: Members forum, cam captures from 578 past camshows, various live feeds and streams, adult puzzles, flash and java games

Anastasia Pierce Review

Anastasia Pierce is a raven-haired, ivory-skinned amateur webgirl whose site, focuses on all sorts of fetishes, most notably bondage and female domination. She's got a pretty decent archive of pics and vids showing off her fondness for all things fetish and is also quite active webcam-wise, performing live camshows 3 times a week and also showing off her day-to-day life on multiple 24/7 spycams. Everything sounds good so far, so break out the clothespins, grab a length of rope, and don your leather hood, we're going in...

The members area here is pretty garish, sporting a black background with fuscia, bright red, and navy blue links and graphics punctuating the darkness. The whole design is rather dated looking (it's a frames setup with menu buttons on the left), but on the plus side it is relatively easy to surf. The main page lists and links to the latest movie and pic updates as well as Anastasia's live camshow schedule (actually, I found Calendar page to be more useful in determining when Anastasia was performing). Clicking the menu buttons in the lefthand frame (I noticed a Home button is lacking here, but would have been convenient when surfing the site) displays content in the righthand frame.

Checking out the Photos section first, I found 82 photosets and 5000+ pics. Size wise, the earlier pics are on the small size at 480 x 640 but it looks like the newer pics (from the middle of the archive on) are at or around the more standard 600 x 800 dimensions or a little larger. There's also one early photoset set up with a weird Flash slideshow where the pics are super small and you can't right-click. Anyhow, the quality for the most part is just average. Nothing glaringingly wrong, just not spectacular. There are photosets scattered throughout which appear to be taken by various professional photographers (Anastasia usually links to the photographer's site in these cases) and most of these look quite nice (the sizes of these are sometimes larger as well: I saw at least one set with pics that were around 600 x 900). As far as subject matter, well, Anastasia's site specializes in fetishes and you'll find plenty of fetish stuff here. Here's just some of the things you'll see: girl-girl (a 4-girl orgy, and one set with pornstar Kiki Dare, among others), flashing, playing with glass dildos, tons of rope bondage, three medieval dungeon style sets involving bondage and candle wax, a set where Anastasia's dressed like a nun, golden showers, shaving, full body plastic wrap while blindfolded, latex outfits, corsets, gynocological bondage, electrocution, dental mouth gags, spanking, flogging, femdom, foot fetish/shoe masturbation, clothespins, water discipline, suspension, and more. Looks like most things you could think of are covered here. I only saw a very small amount of hardcore boy-girl sex; the main focus here is on fetishes, most notably bondage.

Anastasia Pierce offers up 65 videos in the Video section her members area. Unfortunately, they're only in Quicktime format so you'll need to have QT installed to view them. I say unfortunately because 1) I personally don't care for Quicktime and 2) I usually like to have at least a couple viewing options for videos. The other problem with the videos here is that they all play embedded in new html windows making them quite a bit trickier to save (be sure to follow the link at the top of the Videos page for step-by-step instructions on how to save the clips). In addition, the clips (especially the early ones) are pretty tiny and there's no way (that I found) to make them bigger. With wmv clips you can double click an html embedded clip and blow it up to full-screen. With QT clips, clicking the screen just pauses playback. Anyhow, besides the small size of the vids, the quality of the early videos is just average. The more recent movies are definitely an improvement (in size and quality), but I'd hate to see them at full-screen or even 200%. As with Anastasia's photos, the content here is fetish-related as well. There are a few clips of Anastasia playing with some anal beads, a lot girl-girl bondage and domination vids, some gyno-type shoots, a fisting video, and some spanking/whipping sets. One stand-out vid for me was one where Anastasia is taped up from head to toe, suspended over a table with clips on her pussy while she is electrocuted and fucked with a dildo. You know, just your typical day at the office. There's also quite a bit more hardcore stuff here with a six-part suck and fuck series and a blowjob movie as well.

There's an impressive amount of interaction at First off, Anastasia does 3 live camshows per week, one on each of these three cam networks: Camz, Sex Cam Central, and Amateur Cam House. As you probably already know, this also gives you access to all of the other performers on these networks. This large number of shows is obviously very cool. As I said earlier in the review, the easiest way to find out when Anastasia's shows are is to check out her Calendar page, linked from the main menu. Anastasia also has a very, very unique feature to her camshows that is only available to her members. She uses a dildo with a camera and a light in the end of it (she calls it the "pussy cam") and when members click the Pussy Cam link during a show they will be able to see whatever the dildo "sees". Pretty cool; I've definitely never seen anything like that before. In addition to her camshows, Anastasia also has five 24/7 Spycams (shower, living room, kitchen, and two in the bedroom). I actually had a new first when viewing Anastasia's bedroom cam one night. She was fucking and sucking her man right on cam. It was night-vision mind you, but the most I'd seen before this was a webgirl staring myopically at a computer screen or sitting on the sofa watching TV, so I thought that was pretty cool. There's also a Travel Cam which Anastasia uses when she is on the road so you can check her out. Anastasia also has a message board on her site that she does post on. It's kind of outdated looking, but looks to be relatively active.

In addition to Anastasia's exclusive stuff, there's some bonus content here as well including access to GTO and The Amateur e-zines, various live feeds and streams, adult puzzles, games, and a fetish/bondage store.

Bottom Line
If you're a fetish lover, you'll fall in love with Anastasia Pierce. She's pretty sexy in her own right (cute face and hot body) and her site definitely does a good job of providing a full menu of fetish delights for her members. Femdom and bondage predominates here, but as I said in the review there's a little something for everyone it seems. The majority of Anastasia's pics are just average quality wise (although some are better than others) but my main complaint was regarding her videos which I found to be way too small and a little tedius to save. Interaction here is great with multiple camshows and spycams, so if you like that sort of thing, you'll be very pleased. All in all, I think Anastasia's got a nice site here that fans of the amateur and fetish niche should enjoy.
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