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Price: $29.95/month (recurring); $9 for a 7 day trial
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Reviewed On: August 15, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 17/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 7/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 3/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 83, SILVER

Quick Facts
- A huge amount of original amateur facial content
- Recent pictures (back to 2001) are high quality
- Searchable database

- Small videos
- A bit pricey
- Additonal content is basically ads

Members Area Content as of August 15, 2006:
Amateur Facials Pics: 173+ girls, 500+ galleries for a total of 50,000+ pictures
Amateur Facials Vids: 300+ videos (most split into multiple clips)
Other Content: 40 galleries from other facial websites and submitted by members, access to 7 additional sites (some multi-girl, some individual model), facial fiction and articles, AF message board, AF store

Amateur Facials Review

Today we're going to take a look at Amateur Facials, where all sorts of young hotties get a whole bunch of man goo all over their pretty little faces. I was actually a member of this site a few years ago (it's been around since 1998), way before I was doing any reviewing, and I was anxious to get back inside and check things out again. Of course, it always gives me a big warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that I can also take you guys with me (well, sort of) and give you an idea of what's inside as well.

The Amateur Facials members area is pretty straight-forward. The center of the page is where the most important stuff is, namely links to all of the face-plastering content offered on the site. There's some other things scattered about the page like a poll asking what AF model is your favorite, links to 7 bonus sites you also have access to, a search feature, and links to a message board and an AF Video store. Let's check out the main links in the center of the page first...

Model Index
The Model Index provides you with a thumbnailed gallery of 173 girls. The description of the section says these are headshots of "our favorite girls" and the disclaimer at the bottom of the Index page says that The Model Index is not yet complete, so I'm pretty sure there are more than 173 girls total on the site. Even if there isn't, there's a shitload of content here. Clicking on a girl's headshot will take you to a page listing and linking to every single shoot that girl has participated in at Amateur Facials. Some have 5, some have 50+; it depends on the chick. There is also a search engine you can use to refine your search or locate a particular type of shoot or girl. I tried a few random ones like "glasses", "bikini", and "outdoor" and they all returned results nicely. Cool feature. Checking out the model's headshots, you can see one of the things that makes Amateur Facials unique: nearly all of the girls are really cute, really young (legal, of course), and not trashy (more very hot girl-next-door types). You won't find 35 year olds dressed up as schoolgirls and being called teens or some trailer trash chick blearily staring into the camera looking like she's addicted to crack. Oh no, not here. What I love about AF is that most of the girls they get are the same type I see at the mall, the pool, the beach, the gym, wherever and think "Damn, wouldn't I love to shoot a load on HER face!". To get some idea of what I'm talking about, you can check out the AF tour for 65 of what look to be the hottest chicks you'll see inside. I'd say 90% of the other 100 or so are still pretty damn hot, so no complaints here. Rather than go straight through the Model Index, my guess is you'll probably find a few favorites (like I did) and check out all of their stuff first, then start branching out until you've seen all the girls that interest you.

Ok, now we get to the meat and potatoes of the site. Clicking the Originals link takes you to a page with a series of tables corresponding to every year going back to 1998. Each table then contains a list of months which link to that month's content for that particular year. So, you want all the stuff that was added in March 2003, you go to 2003 and click on March. Pretty simple. Now, let's talk quality. The most recent pics are huge at 768 x 1024 and nice and clear. This is the case all the way back as far as 2001 which is excellent. 2000 and earlier, the size drops to 480 x 640 and the quality is slightly poorer in some sets. Things still look pretty decent overall although there are definitely quite a few small, rather bad quality pics from 98 and 99 (you can pretty much expect that if a site has pics back that far). The galleries are set up with 10 thumbnails per page and a brief story/descript of the shoot at the top of each page. When you click on a thumb, a new window pops up with the pic you selected as well as small number links to all of the pics in the gallery down at the bottom. There's are also previous, next, first, and last links sort of like a slideshow, but it's not hands-free or anything. The more recent photosets are also available for download as a ZIP file which is nice. I did notice as I was browsing around that a couple of the galleries were a page not found when I clicked on the link. Not sure if that's a coding error (wrong link url) or what. Content-wise, there aren't many surprises here. This is Amateur Facials, right? As a result, the subject of every photoset it at least one (sometimes two, sometimes three) amateur girls getting single or multiple loads dumped on their faces. There is some fucking, but the main focus is on a short BJ and then the guys jerk off onto the girls' mugs. Lucky for us, a lot of these guys have thick goopy cum and a ton of it, so you can really see these cute little babes to get plastered. I never thought I'd feel lucky a guy had thick cum, but I admit it, I do, so there. Anyhow, the girls do dress up in different cute outfits and do some holiday themed stuff, but the main goal and idea remain the same. Somehow though, it just doesn't get boring seeing all these different cuties having loads shot on their faces. Imagine that.

Video Clips
The video section is divided into 49 sections or Volumes, as they call them here. Each volume contains several video clips. When I first joined Amateur Facials way back when, the main thing that annoyed me was that you couldn't download their videos; the only way to get them to keep was to actually buy a hard copy (VHS or DVD). They do still offer their videos on VHS and DVD and there's a big link to buy them at the top of each Volume page, however, it looks like they've changed the download thing and you now CAN save the clips to your hard drive, which is great. What's not so great is the clips are pretty small and in Real Media (which I hate) and Quicktime (which I hate more). Don't ask me why I hate them; it's a story of love, betrayal, and bit rates I'd rather not go into here. Anyway, as I said, the vids are pretty small (250 x 200 maybe), but good quality with a bit rate of 640Kbps. As a result, I could expand them to around double or more the original size and they still looked damn good. Incidentally, all of the videos correspond to a picture series and there are links from the vid page to the appropriate pic page (although I didn't see a lot of links going the other way...i.e. from the pic pages to the corresponding videos). My opinion is If you're into the subject of the site at all, you will definitely dig the video clips. I enjoyed them so much that I actually bought a lot of the hard copy videos back when I was a member you couldn't download the vids. I still think the tapes are great. So, if you like the clips offered here, you will definitely enjoy the VHS/DVD versions as well.

This section is split into two categories: Website Submissions and Member Submissions. The Website Submissions area contains 22 shoots that were provided by various facial websites. As with the Links area (described below) these are really just advertisements for the sites that provided the gallery. I didn't see anything too exciting here, in fact, a lot of the girls seemed to be the type that I said AF did NOT have (i.e. trashy, skanky, ugly, etc.) Maybe you'll like some of the chicks though, who knows.

Member Submissions contains 18 member submitted galleries of homemade facial photos. They're all pretty small and poor quality and there's not too much good stuff to see here. It looks like this section isn't being updated anymore anyhow; the last thing added was in 2000.

Facial Literature
Here you will find various articles, interviews, and "Facial Fiction" stories all focusing on (you guessed it) facials. Some of stories are pretty long, so if you're into erotic fiction and have a facial fetish, you'll probably enjoy them.

This area just contains links to 4 of what AF thinks are the "best" facial sites on the Net. The links are pretty much just ads with some preview/sample content from the sites listed thrown in to soften the spammy ad feel. I guess it's the megasite version of the typical amateur's Friend's galleries.

Links to the 23 most recent updates to the site. Looks like something new is added about 2-3 times a week.

Bonus Stuff
Some of the more popular Amateur Facials girls have their own sites which you also gain access to with your membership. These include Pamela, Kayla, Ashley & Alicia (these two are twins), and Skye. These sites have pics and videos and contain hardcore and softcore stuff. Pamela in particular is incredibly hot IMO. You also get access to 3 other sites (Buff Teen, Local Foxes, Gonzovision) containing galleries multiple girls (I'm pretty sure they're all on AF as well). These sites (including the individual girls' sites) contain mainly softcore galleries (although I did definitely see hardcore on Pamela's site), so if you're looking to see your favorite girls just doing some sexy posing, you will enjoy these sites a lot.

Lastly, there's an Amateur Facials Store that sells all of the AF video clips on DVD and VHS and a message board where it appears some of the girls do post. The board isn't too active, but as I said, I did spot one or two posts from some of the AF girls here and there. This is about all the interaction you get with the girls (other than a couple of email addresses on Pamela's and Skye's sites), but that's pretty par for the course with these megasite type deals.

Bottom Line
Amateur Facials has picked it's niche and stuck to it, providing some of the best amateur facial content on the Net since 1998. This isn't the place to go see your favorite fake boobed pornstar get fucked senseless. This is where you'll see that extremely cute girl-next-door type babe who works at the local pizza joint or hangs out at the community pool sucking dick and getting her pretty face covered with thick man chowder. That's what you're paying for, not any of the extraneous filler content. If you're a big facial fan, $29.95 is not too much to pay for this kind of quality exclusive content. However, if you like a bit more than just super cute babes wearing baby batter (and not much other action), you may want to just go for the trial and see what you think, or look elsewhere.
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