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Primary Category: Busty, Secondary Category: Glamour

Price: $24.95 for the first month, $19.95 for each subsequent month (recurring)
Updates: Photos and videos added once a week
Reviewed On: July 24, 2006 by Oz

Content Quality: 19/20
Content Quantity: 9/10
Content Variety: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 1/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 84, SILVER

Quick Facts
- Large amount of high quality content (both pics and video) of Alexa
- Pictures available for download in convenient zip sets
- Easy navigation and pleasing site design
- Alexa's super hot!

- Poor personality/interaction (don't join to interact with Alexa)
- Alexa won't go out with me despite my repeated phone calls :-(

Members Area Content as of July 24, 2006:
Pics of Alexa Model: 118 galleries with approximately 30-50 pics each for a total of approximately 4,700 pics
Vids of Alexa Model: 168 in wmv and divx formats (average length of 3-5 minutes) including roughly 50 vidcaps from each video
Other Content: Bonus galleries and videos of 3 other girls, Alexa Store, and Alexa's personal email

Alexa Model Review

Brought to you by the guys at FTV Girls, Alexa is a stunningly gorgeous 18 yr old babe whose Spanish-Egyptian ethnicity imbues her with an exotic look all her own. Besides having a smoking hot body (including two of the most perfect all-natural 34D's I've ever seen), Alexa's members area is chocked full of high-quality pics and video presented in an eye-pleasing, easy to navigate manner. As with most corporate amateur sites, there is good news and bad news. Good: the quality of Alexa's content tends to be much better than *most* typical amateur sites. Bad: the interaction with Alexa and the "personal" side of the site tends to be lacking. It's a trade-off you should weigh for yourself.

Alexa's updates are presented for you on the main members page in a series of thumbnail images that give you an idea of what that update contains. The cute thing about the setup is that each thumbnail is made to look like a magazine cover with a big pic of Alexa on the front and the photo and video series contained in that update listed on the "cover" as if they were magazine articles inside. Maybe this is no big deal if you're a "just get to the pussy" type of guy, but it shows a certain attention to detail and makes the members area very professional and cute nonetheless.

Each update contains both pics and videos. There is usually one of each, however some updates feature 2 sets of pics, 2 sets of videos, or both. Each picture set and video has a description written by Alexa to go along with it, either telling you what to expect from the set or commenting on it, or both. I did find it funny that apparently the word "pussy" seems to be taboo here, as that piece of anatomy is always referred to as "my private part" in the descripts. I guess it's all part of the very softcore nature of the site lol.

Anyway, let me talk a bit about the pics. There are 118 galleries of Alexa with rough 30-50 pics in each. The pics are nicely shot, very professional, large and high quality. Alexa looks incredible in all of them and is very good at "working it" in front of the camera. I've seen a lot of girls who can barely muster up a smile during a shoot, but Alexa's looks are sweet and sexy. The pics are very softcore. Although Alexa does get naked and even masturbate in some galleries, others are completely no-nude or have just a few shots showing bare tits or full frontal. As far as subject matter, outfits and such...well, there is a TON of stuff here. Normally in a review, I would try to give a pretty accurate rundown of the various outfits and settings you would find a model posing in. In this case, the list would be so extensive as to border on the ridiculous, so let me just hit some of the highlights and then leave you with the message that you will not be disappointed by the uniqueness or variety of Alexa's members area pics. Here's a brief idea of some of the stuff you'll see...

Alexa posing in:
tubetops, hiphuggers, skimpy dresses, classy evening gowns, tons of sexy lingerie including corsets, babydolls and more, tiny tanktops, a multitude of panties and thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, miniskirts, jeans, a schoolgirl outfit, a business suit, thigh highs, a sundress, a Cleopatra costume, a sarong, a red latex dress (and more)
on the:
couch, bed, stairs, patio, balcony (and more)
at the:
beach, mountains, airport, with sports cars and trucks, at a dock, by the fireplace, lots of tropical (hawaii) locales (and more)

In addition, you can watch Alexa masturbate with her fingers as well as a few toys including dildos, vibrators and even chopsticks. She also has a "panty stuffing" (inserting panties into her pussy) set that shouldn't be missed. A lot of the outdoor sets feature flashing pics for those of you into the public nudity genre. There is also a shaving set, and a lot of foot fetish material here as well, with Alexa posing barefoot and in tons of sexy sandals. As you can see, there is a large amount of material here, and believe it or not, I still wasn't able to list it all. You gotta check out the members area to fully appreciate the beauty of this babe and the quality of her photosets.

Moving onto videos, we find a lot of quality content here as well. There are 111 videos available for download in wmv and divx formats. Each video is 3-5 minutes in length and is of high enough quality to look good on full screen. There are also around 50 small, but good quality, screencaps from each video included on that video's download page. Again, there is a lot of material here and a lot of it parallels my already lengthy picture description. The perk here is of course seeing sexy Alexa in live action and her masturbation and public flashing/streaking videos are something to be seen. I also enjoyed watching her lotion up and eat yogurt off of her beautiful tits.

Alexa has four additional sections in her members area: About/Contact Me, Fun Pics and Goodies, Friends, and Alexa's Picks.

In the About/Contact Me area, members are provided with Alexa's personal email, given access to what they call a "message board" dedicated to Alexa and her site, and given a link to cancel their subscription. Steer way clear of the "message board" link. First of all, it's not a message board at all, just a thread dedicated to Alexa located on another message board. Worse yet, it throws you into a pop-up hell of sorts in which a window opens trying to install adware on your PC and unless you click "Yes", refuses to go away. I just Ctrl+Alt+Deleted it out of the way, but obviously this is incredibly annoying and it pissed me off quite a bit. There are also 13 (6 member submitted) questions answered by Alexa on this page. It would have been nice to have seen a bit more of a personal side to Alexa here, whether it be a self-written bio or a REAL messageboard or something where she actually posts, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this seems to be the trade-off in these type of sites. You can access Alexa's store from this page as well. Here you can purchase specific items from some of her photoshoots (panties, shoes, and a dress) as well as an 8x10 autographed "magazine" cover from any of her photo sets. She also offers DVD's which comprise all of the videos from a certain amount of updates (i.e.DVD #1 might contain videos from sets 1-33 etc.).

In Alexa's Friends Section she provides members with bonus material of 3 other girls. Each girl has between 70 and 80 pics and 4-7 downloadable videos. These girls are hot and the content includes a lot of hot masturbation.

The Alexa's Picks section features some of Alexa's favorite pictures posted in an extra large (1200 x 1800 resolution) size. They are divided into several categories including face, breasts, foot, bikini and fashion. As could be expected, Alexa looks just as hot big as she does small :-)

Lastly, the Fun Pics and Goodies section is divided into 3 areas: Candid Pics (Alexa's personal pics from when she was younger), Webcam Pics (just what it says: pics from a webcam, though there isn't one on the site), and Wallpapers (a few custom made desktop wallpapers of Alexa).

That's about all for the content, now on to the bottom line...

Bottom Line
I've gone into quite a bit of detail here to give you an idea of what exactly you can expect to see in the Alexa Model members area, but the bottom line is that Alexa is an extremely gorgeous girl with a lot of high quality content to offer members. Her site is somewhat lacking in the personality/interaction department, but although this isn't an excuse, it is par for the course with these corporate amateur sites. I'd say check out Alexa's site and if you're digging her (and how could you not? lol), joining wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
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