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Primary Category: Megasites, Secondary Categories: Coeds, Girl-Girl

Price: Regular: $17.60/month (recurring); Gold: $45.50/3 months (recurring), $150.00/year (non-recurring)
Updates: Daily, with multiple sets added per day
Review Updated On: January 4, 2007 by Oz

Content Quality: 19/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 15/15

Score: 94, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Extremely high quality and very large pics
- Huge archive of pics and vids
- Very unique and exclusive true amateur porn
- Excellent organization
- Some interaction with models (unusual for megasites)

- Not much hardcore boy-girl action
- Members area navigation is a bit daunting at first

Members Area Content as of January 4, 2007:
Abby Winters Pics: 1,000+ models; 1,774 photosets for a total of 206,302 pics
Abby Winters Vids: 1,949 videos
Other Content: Sound bites, Abby Winters discussion forum, wallpapers

Abby Winters Review

Abby Winters is a 32 year old Australian photographer who, as she says, has been "collecting rudie nudie pics on the net” for around seven years. It seems her site,, was born out of the frustration caused by many of the porn sites she ran across in her surfing. She was annoyed by pop-up consoles, blind links and ads, and felt that the models on many sites were too fake looking or unrealistic, and the posing uninspired. As a result, she decided to put together her own site featuring great-looking photography of 18-24 year old first-time nude models who look more like the girl-next-door than a Penthouse Pet. The product of Abby's hard work is a damn impressive site with incredible organization and a huge archive of pictures (over 200,000) and videos (nearly 2,000), all with a very unique flare. We've got a lot of ground to cover, so let's get started.

First off, I would strongly advise surfing on over to Abby Winters' site and checking out her free side and tour. I normally confine my reviews to the members areas of sites, but Abby's tour is so informative and well put together, I'm making an exception this time. First off, the tour's very clean; there are no annoying pop-ups or ads or flashy graphics (this is something Abby takes a lot of pride in, especially the pop-up thing). Secondly, there's so much straightforward, no-nonsense information presented here that it's almost like a review of the site in and of itself. Page after page, Abby concisely introduces you to and all of it's content as well as providing you with full-size sample pics and member quality videos. I, of course, will be summarizing everything here as I normally do, but I definitely think you will find the reading on the free side of the site informative (I thought the About Abby section under Extras was particularly interesting) and helpful in your decision to join. In addition, once you reach the "end" of the tour and click the Explore Site link, you can not only explore a lot of what you get when you become a member (model preview pics, bios, sound bites, etc.) you'll also be able to familiarize yourself with the navigation and organization as well. A few times, I got so far and seemed to be seeing so much stuff I had to make sure I was still in the free area, LOL. So, I'd definitely advise you to check out the tour. Now, on with the review...

Let's talk a bit about navigation and organization, just in case you haven't looked at the free area yet. Abby Winters' site is massive, and much like every site with an enormous amount of content, it faces the challenge of organizing that content in a relatively intuitive, easily navigable way. In this pursuit, Abby Winters succeeds tremendously. In fact, the level of organization and attention to detail here is pretty astounding. The main members page is loaded with info but well organized, decked out in an eye-pleasing blue and green color scheme. It's very, very similar to the news page at the end of the Abby Winter's tour, if you want to check it out. The very top of the page contains a handful of broad categories (Home, Content, Membership, Lists, Extras) with drop down menus that you can use to access every area of the site. Below that, you have a calendar listing and links to the most recent updates to the site as well as a preview (complete with sample pics of the upcoming girls) of what will be added in the next week. It looks like is updated daily, with multiple things added each day. She adds around 500 images, several videos, and 3 new models per week (again, you can see this update schedule at the end of the tour). Down the center of the main page is sort of an update log where Abby (or an AW staff member) writes a short entry each day usually talking about that day's updates and also mentioning announcements concerning the website.

You can access the bulk of Abby's content (pics and vids) many different ways. Of course, you can just use the update links in the calendar for the more recent stuff. To view the bulk of the pic archive, you have a couple of options. First, you can go to the Content menu and select Main Gallery. Here Abby has everything organized impeccably. Each of her 1,000+ models can be sorted by name, date, and age, or they can be randomly sorted for a little spontaneous variety. There's also a search feature you can use to search the pics for specific keywords. For each girl you get a preview pic, the number of photosets/videos that girl has on the site as well as some fast facts about them. Another way to check out the pics and vids is to go to the various Lists menus. Here you can scan down all of the various categories and find content you might like to look at based on a specific fetish you enjoy. The Lists are quite extensive; I highly recommend you check out the "Lists Help" page under the Lists category first. Once you've selected a model and are actually viewing her galleries, Abby has some neat stuff set up here as well. You can view the pics one by one or you can download them all in a zipset. The really cool thing is the third option: you can select various pics from the set (by checking the box next to each pic) and have a custom zip file made of only the pics you selected. Pretty slick. You can access the videos a couple of ways as well. Either select Video Gallery in the content menu to see them all in one area (listed by date, model, and file size) or use the links at the bottom of each models’ main page.

So how's the content look? Well, frankly, pretty damn good. The pictures are enormous (the largest pics weigh in at 2336 x 3504, the standard-sized pics at 981 x 1472, the earliest ones at 960 x 1280), especially by amateur standards. They're not so huge as to be unwieldy, but are plenty big enough to show every detail of the Aussie cuties Abby photographs. Also, the photos are nice and clear; the full-body shots as well as the close-ups Abby does of the girls' various body parts are shown in exquisite detail. Despite the extremely professional look of the pics, Abby's photography has a very natural feel to it that complements the fresh-faced look of her models. Take a look at some of the samples and you'll see what I mean. As far as video quality goes, most of the clips (they seemed to all be around 2-4 minutes, btw) are quite good. The video clips are great looking, super clear and very enjoyable at full-screen.

The content of Abby's pics and vids is very unique. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, I've never really seem anything like it. First off, the girls are very "real" and natural looking. By that I mean that not only don't they have fake boobs, they hardly have any body mods at all (maybe a tattoo here and there it looks like), and a lot of them still have pussy hair (like actually a normal growth of it, imagine that in porn!). The girls on are pretty much the quintessential amateur girls-next-door. Most of them are what I'd term "cute"; they're not drop-dead gorgeous Penthouse Pets or pro pornstars with perfect bodies here. Some I noticed were definitely pretty hot, but others I'd describe as pretty average looking; I think that's part of the feel Abby's going for here though: real girls. Most of Abby's models are first-timers (something she's very proud of) so you won't see them on tons of other sites. If you surf around many porn sites nowadays (the Reality Site niche comes to mind), you'll start to see the same "first-timers" cropping up everywhere. Not so here. Many of the girls are shot in their own houses/bedrooms/bathrooms and are wearing their own clothes (not some generic slut outfit) for a more personal feel. You'll see the girls posing for the camera, then stripping and getting naked, and often masturbating with dildos or fingers. There's also quite a bit of peeing content (categorized in the Lists section for easy access) if you're into that fetish. Like her photos, Abby's videos are also very unique. You'll see a variety of stuff here ranging from solo posing/stripping to masturbation to peeing to authentic girl-girl action. The earlier ones have some MIDI music playing in the background which I didn't care for too much, but the later vids (from late 2002 on) have live sound and often feature the girls chatting and talking about various subjects (not just sexual) as they strip. You also will appreciate the absence of music when you watch the masturbation videos, as you'll get to hear every sound as these cuties rub themselves to real orgasms. I guess I found the personal interview-type clips to be the most interesting; even though the chicks were getting naked, it was just so different from the usual staged fakery that I've come to expect from most porn sites in general.

Let me just touch briefly on a couple of bonus areas in Abby Winters' site. First, there's an Abby Winter's Wallpapers section. Unlike most amateur sites, this is not just three or four cheesy looking desktop wallpapers. She has over 100 of them in 3 different sizes handpicked from her image collection. She also has calendar wallpapers that have each month for a given year on them. All of these are available with the same zipfile download options as the other picture galleries. There's also a message board on that is very active and has a number of different forums ranging from general discussion to a forum where models can post and interact with the members. It's cool to see this interactive feature on the site, as most megasites of this nature offer up little or no personal interaction with their models. You can also use the board as a way to interact with Abby herself and make suggestions for the site (which she seems to actually listen to, believe it or not).

One last note before I wrap things up. Abby Winters has a two-tiered membership structure: Regular and Gold. The Regular site includes everything I've mentioned so far. For a slightly higher fee (and I definitely think it's worth it), you can become a Gold member which gives you access to several additional sections: Girl-Girl (models getting it on together), Redux (these are models that were popular among members and returned for additional shoots), Mezzanine (multiple shoots that didn't fit into the main site for various reasons: model too old, photography flawed, not the right look for the main site, etc.), Backstage (a behind the scenes look at how the Abby Winter's content is produced with pics and commentary by Abby and her crew), Intimate Moments (one or two girls masturbating to orgasm), Dressing Room (voyeuristic shots of girls getting dressed), and Deviations. The Deviations section is where you can see some of the stuff that's a little different from what's on the rest of the site. There's some light bondage, pregnant pics, balloon pics, a belly dancer, a ballerina, girls wrapped in plastic wrap, and more. This is also where you can find the handful of sets on Abby's site that contain boy-girl hardcore content (there's plenty of girl-girl stuff). Just a word about the hardcore stuff here. It's somewhat different from what you're probably used to seeing on most porn sites (at least it was for me). In both pics and vids, the hardcore action (whether it be girl-girl or boy-girl) is very real and passionate; it's more like you're peeping through the couple next door's bedroom window and watching them go at it, as opposed to checking out a staged sex scene. It's really quite a refreshing thing to see and you might even find yourself a little confused at first; we've been so conditioned as what we expect to see when we watch a porn video, these "natural" scenes will surprise you as well as turn you on.

Bottom Line
Hats off to Abby for creating a truly unique site amongst the glut of cookie cutter amateur sites on the Net right now. It was also interesting to me that Abby Winters, although set up in what we would call "megasite" fashion (i.e. many different models, a huge archive of content), is actually in a lot of ways quite a bit more amateur and personal than many of the homespun husband-taking-pics-of-his-wife-type of site I see so often. I'd advise signing up for the Gold 3-month option at Abby's site. It'll give you the time to fully experience all she's got to offer and it's also a great deal. Basically, it's only around $15.00 per month (lower than almost every other amateur site around) for access to one of the best amateur sites I've ever seen. If you're a fan of true amateur porn (real, fresh-faced girls in natural poses and locales), you owe it to yourself to experience Abby Winter's unique brand of photography and video.
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