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Price: $19.97/month; $34.97/60 days (recurring)
Updates: 2-3 times a week (network updates are daily)
Review Updated On: October 17, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 92, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Exclusive real amateur swinger content
- High quality pics and HD quality vids
- Lots of video options
- Huge archive of pics and vids
- Nice amount of interaction via blog and cams
- Bonus access to the rest of the 4 Real Amateurs network

- Older pics and vids are of lesser quality

Members Area Content as of October 17, 2010:
Pics of Anna and Bruce: 578 galleries for a total of 30,000+ pics
Vids of Anna and Bruce: 512 videos
Webcam: Live camshows and 24/7 house cams with Anna
Other Content: Anna's blog, 4 Real Amateurs message board, access to the other 15 sites in the 4 Real Amateurs network, vidcap galleries, access to Sex Cam Central, access to various webcam (Rude, Sex Cam Central) and video feed sites, swinger personal ads and sex education articles, jokes, erotic stories, games, The Amateur e-zine

4 Real Swingers Review

Swinger sex, big boobs, and 3-girl blowjobs. They're the principles this country was founded on and there's not a man alive who wouldn't die trying to protect them. Well, maybe not die, but I for one would definitely get the crap beat out of me a few times to defend the right of busty swinger babes everywhere to suck my trousersnake in triplicate. Why, you ask, am I on this noble train of thought? Probably because today I'm checking out all the action over at 4 Real Swingers. Action that includes (you guessed it) lots of swinger sex, big boobs and the ever popular, yet very elusive, 3-girl blowjob. The "4 real swingers" in question on this site are Anna (a busty sexpot with big blue-green eyes) and Bruce (her husband--I'd compliment him too, but that'd seem gay). They're a mid-west couple who have been sharing their real-life sexual adventures on the Net for over 10 years. They've put together quite an impressive archive of pics, videos, and other goodies during that time featuring everything from two-somes, three-somes, four-somes, and more-somes to girl-girl sex and solo stuff of Anna. Let me be honest, I've had a big crush on Anna ever since I first ran across her site years ago. But don't worry, as your professional and dedicated reviewer, slave to the surfer, and all around good guy, I realize it's my humble duty to deliver a totally unbiased and professional review for you, my faithful reader. Remember, we don't play favorites here at QAP :-)

Logging into the members area will initially land you at the 4 Real Amateurs network main page. All of the amateur sites listed here are included in your membership with Anna and Bruce's right at the top. Clicking on through, Anna and Bruce's members area is pretty straightforward and very well-organized. There's a large menu running down the left side of the screen linking to all of their various members area content (and there's a ton of it!). In the center of the page, you'll find big graphical links to the most recent updates to the site as well as a some News items and comments from members. The other sites in the 4 Real Amateurs network are listed under the "Sites List" tab in the left-hand menu...be sure you check them out at some point during your visit here. Everything looks great so far so let's head on over to the photo section and check things out.

4 Real Swinger's XXX Pics section is huge and contains 30,000 pictures of Anna and Bruce's swinging adventures in 578 galleries. The photosets are all listed chronologically and with each one you get a preview pic, a short description of what you'll see inside, and some other info about the set. In order to help you negotiate this enormous amount of content, they provide a useful search function at the top of the page. Here you can sort the photosets based on when they were added to the site, the girl or guy starring in the set, what type of action you'll see, remastered date (Anna and Bruce are currently remastering their older content to a higher quality), and a wide variety of keywords. Size here varies depending on the age of the pics. The more recent stuff is an extra large 1333 x 2000 or 1200 x 1800, then things drop down to 800 x 1200 or 768 x 1024 while the oldest pics are 480 x 640, 500 x 700, or 600 x 800. The quality varies a bit as well. The newer pics look really awesome: they're clear, sharp, and well-lit. The older pics look decent as well but of course, you can expect pics from as far back as '99 or 2000 to look less sharp or more grainy.

As far as subject matter, Anna and Bruce love sex and swinging and there is plenty of both here! You'll see plenty of sucking, fucking, girl-girl, threesomes, cumshots, and orgy fun here. In addition, there are some bondage-type sets and some interracial threesomes as well as galleries of gorgeous Anna solo (doing a striptease, masturbating, in lingerie, bikinis, and taking a bath, among other things). Also, most, if not all, of A & B's playmates are other amateur webgirls and couples from the Net (or other chicks from the 4 Real Amateurs network), so you'll probably see some familiar faces if you've been surfing hardcore amateur porn any length of time. Anyhow, let's just say that when it comes to group sex, Anna and Bruce really know how to get it done. Although there are plenty of multiple guys on one girl pics in their members area, I'd say the predominant grouping of choice is multiple girls on one guy, especially for blowjobs. Seriously, I've never seen so many 2-girl, 3-girl, and yes, even 4-girl blowjobs in my life. Nor did I ever think I'd see so many without actually getting one. Dammit to hell, I need to get out to the mid-west more often!

Next up, is the massive Videos section. There are 512 videos here and, like the pics, you get a small preview pic and a short description of the action as well as the video specs. They also have the same advanced search feature up at the top of the page to help you find what you're looking for. Early vids come in WMV and RM formats but around 2002 or so, they start offering many different formats and options including Flash, WMV, MOV, and MP4 versions and a few different quality options for each. The current high-end vids weigh in at a stunning 1920 x 1080 at 10,000K and look fantastic... they're HD quality and look crystal clear and sharp even at full-screen. Definitely a cut above pretty much every real amateur site out there...hell, these babies look so good they could compete with the pros! Of course, the older stuff doesn't look quite as nice but, as I mentioned, Anna and Bruce are in the process of remastering their old content to bring it up to speed quality-wise.

As you might expect, the videos are full of sex, sex, and more sex (oh, and some fucking too)! There is a solo section as I mentioned, with Anna stripping, masturbating, doing some anal play, and even peeing, but the main attraction here is all that wild swinger orgy action. Most of the stuff I mentioned for the picture section applies here too, as far as subject matter goes, since it looks like many of the video clips parallel the photosets and vice versa. Me being a video-guy though, I still enjoyed seeing Anna in live action more than in pics; her Schoolgirl Gangbang vid was a particular treat (and it was just because I liked the way she wore her hair, all you people with your minds in the gutter). Tons of blowjobs, fucking, anal, threesomes, orgies, facials, cum swallowing, creampies, girl-girl...just about everything you can think of, you'll find it here.

Interaction-wise, Anna and Bruce take things to another level, encouraging their members to write to them and possibly even meet for some fun on film. There are several contests available for members, ranging from free memberships to all expense paid trips to be in a shoot or video with Anna and Bruce. From a more site-base perspective, Anna does live weekly on Rude she and Bruce also have 24/7 voyeur cams set up in their house. There's also an active message board where you can chat with other members, make site requests, and post/read erotic stories. It looks like Anna and Bruce are pretty active posters here as well, so that's cool. There's also a vidcap section containing cam captures from A & B's past shows if you want to check those out. Rounding things out, Anna also has a blog that she writes relatively lengthy entries in every few days as well as a Twitter account you can follow.

There's lots of bonus material to be had at 4 Real Swingers, most notably access to the 4 Real Amateurs network. Included in your membership is access to 15 other amateur sites including AngeliqueXXX, Teen Swing, 4 Real Fusion, Kitty Patrick, and Ava Brookes (all of which have been reviewed here at QAP), among many others. Then there are a couple of webcam sites (Voyeur Dorm and Voyeur Casa) as well as some live chat sites, swinger personal ads and sex education articles, jokes, games, erotic stories, and also access to The Amateur e-zine. Lastly, there's a large selection of video feed sites in a wide variety of niches, desktop wallpapers, jokes, erotic stories, cartoons, and more. Lots of great amateur porn to see here!

Bottom Line
One of the best real amateur sites out there, 4 Real Swingers is definitely a favorite here at QAP. Anna's definitely a mega-hottie and her and Bruce's pics and vids feature just about every kind of hot and sexy swinger action you can think of including blowjobs, fucking, anal, threesomes, orgies, facials, creampies, and more. Quantity-wise, Anna and Bruce have an absolutely huge archive to offer and the quality of especially the more recent stuff is superb with huge, high quality photos and HD quality videos (along with a ton of video options to boot). On top of Anna and Bruce's extensive photo and video archive, you also receive access to the other 15 amateur sites in the awesome 4 Real Amateurs network. Not a bad deal for an incredibly reasonable $19.97/month price tag. So, if you dig Anna's looks, and like your sex hot, wild, and multi-partnered, get yourself on over to 4 Real Swingers for a wife-swapping swingfest like none other!
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