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4Real Amateurs Review
Price: $19.97/month, $34.97/60 days (recurring)
Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: November 21, 2010 by Oz

Content Quality: 18/20
Content Quantity: 10/10
Content Variety: 10/10
Updates: 10/10
Surfability: 9/10

Members Area Ads: 4/5
Interaction: 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Impression: 14/15

Score: 93, GOLD

Quick Facts
- Exclusive real amateur swinger content
- Access to 15 members areas
- Newer content is very high quality
- Lots of video options
- Daily updates
- Very low monthly fee

- Poor interaction with some of the models
- Older content is of lesser quality

Members Area Content as of November 21, 2010:
15 Members Areas: 4Real Swingers, AngeliqueXXX, 4 Real Fusion, Kitty Patrick, Ava Brookes, Hot Wife Joy, Taia Tyler, Orgy Couple, Swinging Slut, Teen Swing, Swinger Girls, Bi Hunter, Claudia Klein, 4 Real Teen, Cum Play With Me; a total of 1,665 videos, 113,014 pics, 17,318 vidcaps
Other Content: Webcam shows and blogs from various 4 Real Amateur webgirls, access to Sex Cam Central and Rude, access to various webcam, housecam, and video feeds in a variety of niches, live chat sites, swinger personal ads, and The Amateur e-zine

4Real Amateurs Review

Today I'm taking another look at the 4Real Amateurs network, an awesome network of 15 real amateur sites focusing on hardcore swinger action. Many of the sites in the network have already been reviewed here at QAP (I'll link them up below), including the flagships of the network, 4Real Swingers and AngeliqueXXX. It looks like the 4 Real team has rolled back their network price recently...$19.97/month for full access to the entire network; that's a fantastic deal! Anyhow, let's start off the review with a word about navigation. The main network members page contains a listing of all the sites in the network along with the network's live camshow schedule and a big calendar down at the bottom that tells you what's going on or being added on any given day. They've got an impressive update schedule here with updates being added on a daily basis. Clicking one of the big graphical links for each site will take you to that girl's members area.

The individual members areas here at 4 Real Amateurs are typically set up in a similar fashion. The bulk of the main page contains links to recent updates, the girl's camshow schedule (if she has one), and sometimes a calendar listing (similar to the one I just described on the main network page). A menu down the lefthand side of the page contains links to the various sections of that specific members area; the other network sites are usually listed under the "Sites" tab. The pics and vids are typically set aside in two big sections, and there's a search feature that allows you to sort the photo or movie content by date, participant, or various keywords.

The pic quality at the 4Real Amateurs network varies depending on the age of the site. Some of the sites have been around for quite awhile (in a couple of cases way back to 1998), so you can of course expect the older content to not look as nice as the more recent additions. Older photos usually weigh in on the small side (around 640 x 480), then things bump up to 600 x 800, 768 x 1024, 800 x 1200, 975 x 1400, and finally a huge 1333 x 2000 as we progress through the archive. The newer the pics, the better they look. The 1333 x 2000 pics look fantastic: super clear, sharp, and well-lit. Videos here at the 4Real Amateurs network come with a plethora of format options, particularly in the more recent updates. Early shoots offer RM and WMV files...the newer shoots feature WMV, MOV, Flash (for streaming), and MP4 versions. Like the pics, video quality often varies depending on the age of the clip. The oldest clips can look pretty pixelated even at original size, the middle-of-the-archive vids weigh in at 500 x 376 at 568Kbps and look considerably better, and then things bump up to 720 x 480 at 2000K and 1280 x 720 at 4000K and look to be DVD quality. The newest videos weigh in at a stunning 1920 x 1080 at 10000K and look incredible. These are true HD quality clips which remain clear and sharp even at full-screen resolution. These are very impressive videos escpecially for real amateur movies. Awesome!

In addition to the 15 main amateur members areas in the network, they also offer up a selection of bonus content. Between the network and the various sites, you receive access to Sex Cam Central and Rude cams. Then there are a couple of voyeur-style webcam sites (Voyeur Dorm and Voyeur Casa) and some live chat sites, Swinger personal ads, and also access to The Amateur e-zine. Rounding out the bonus content, there are a shitload of video feed sites in a wide variety of niches from big tits, asians, and cheerleaders to pornstar, fetish, and peeing.

One thing that seems to have declined over the years is the number of girls in the network doing live camshows. Judging from the calendar, a few of the girls still do shows (Angelique, Anna) but that's about it. You do receive access to lots of other shows and performers on the three top amateur cam networks, but it'd be cool to see more the 4Real girls get back into the whole webcam thing. Still, there's a decent amount of interaction here via the 4 Real Amateurs message board where Anna, Bruce and perhaps others post and interact with members and regularly updated blogs from several of the girls. Plus, there are live 24/7 housecams that allow you to spy on Anna and others anytime you want.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the members area here focus on hardcore action and swinging. Since I've already reviewed several of these sites, I'll just give you a very brief run-down of what some of the 4 Real Amateurs members area have to offer you. Be sure to check out my full reviews for further details if you're interested.

4Real Swingers (Reviewed)
Anna and Bruce are the stars of 4Real Swingers.com, and they've been sharing their wild swinging adventures on the Net since way back in 1999. Anna's a gorgeous babe for sure (and one of my all-time favorite webgirls) and she and Bruce love getting naughty with a wide variety of girls and guys. Well...Bruce doesn't get naughty with the guys, but you know what I mean :-) Anyhow, they've got a huge archive of pics and vids to check out as well as some bonus features like jokes, stories, and educational info about the swinging lifestyle. Anna also has a diary although it looks like she no longer does live camshows.

AngeliqueXXX (Reviewed)
Angelique XXX is a beautiful French-Canadian swinger whose site has been online since way back in 1998. Probably one of the best real amateur sites out there right now (and a recent addition to the 4Real Amateurs network), Angelique's site features a huge archive of pics and vids in just about every niche and fetish you can think of and she interacts wonderfully with her members via one of the longest-running diaries I've ever seen, multiple camshows per week, and 24/7 housecams.

Hot Wife Joy
Joy Jericho is a hot blonde with an absolutely phenomenal body who loves to get it on with guys, girls, and groups. You get a ringside seat as she fucks her way through multiple partners in over 15,000+ pics and 243 videos. It looks like Joy no longer does camshows, although she does have a personal diary.

Teen Swing (Reviewed)
Brooke Anderson is a super cute 19-year-old blonde with a killer body and an adorable face who loves to play with other guys and gals as well as her main man, Grant. Brooke's picture section is pretty small with around 1,200 pics but she makes up for it a bit with 106 videos. The action's super hot and she does weekly camshows.

4 Real Teen (Reviewed)
One of the newer sites to join the 4Real Amateurs network, Lexus L'Amour is a 20 year old hottie with lean bod and cute little boobs. Her site is pretty small with just 15 photosets, 888 pics, 18 videos and no interactive features other than an email and an About Me page. The pics are mainly softcore posing sets with a girl-girl set thrown in while Lexus' vids feature a few more girl-girl sets, a threesome, a 2-girl blowjob, and a sexy lapdance/blowjob scene. I'm not sure if Lexus is still updating her site.

Claudia Klein
Claudia Klein is a 19 year old blonde hottie who loves showing off in front of the camera. Her site offers up 40 photosets, 1,895 pics, and 16 videos as well as a Girlfriends section. Claudia's content is a mix of softcore posing shoots and hardcore action including girl-girl, blowjobs, threesomes, and moresomes. A relatively small archive and no real interaction here, but Claudia's certainly a hotass.

Swinger Girls
The Swinger Girls are Anna (from 4RealSwingers), AngeliqueXXX, and Mandi (a wig-wearing blonde bombshell with a tight body and a big fake boobs). The premise of the site is that these three swinger babes are accepting applications from guys who want to fuck the three of them at the same time. Currently, the site has 18 photosets, 783 pics, and 63 videos of the wild 3-girl on 1-guy fun. The site is no longer being updated at present, but there's a note from Anna and Angelique on the main page that indicates they plan on starting the site back up again in the near future.

Bi Hunter
Hunter's a sexy 24 year old blonde bombshell who's site contains a lots of hot girl-girl action. She's got 56 photosets, 2,676 pics, and 22 videos to check out and you'll probably recognize many of the sexy babes Hunter gets it on with from some of the other 4 Real Amateurs sites. Again, interaction here is lacking with just a bio section and not much else.

Orgy Couple
Orgy Couple stars hot and horny couple, Paige and Chase. These two swingers have been around the net for quite some time though, formerly on their site Love Puppet. Paige and Chase offer up 165 photosets, 8,540 pictures, and 82 videos for your viewing pleasure. As expected, lots of hot swinger action her but, like many of the other sites, not a whole lot of interaction.

Ava Brookes (Reviewed)
Ava Brookes is a hot married swinger with a super tight body and two huge and luscious DD tits. She loves wild sex with both guys and girls and you'll see plenty of two-girl blowjobs, threesomes and full-blown swinger orgies, with lots of fucking and partner swapping and cumshots at Ava's site. Ava's site currently contains 22 photosets, 3,000+ pics, and 15 videos. Ava also has a diary and does live camshows.

Kitty Patrick (Reviewed)
Kitty Patrick is a horny 21 yeaqr old brunette swinger with all-natural 34C tits and a tight lean body. Kitty's site features hot and wild hardcore action chronicled in 39 photosets, 3,000+ pics, and 24 videos. Blowjobs, fucking, and facials abound here and Kitty also does weekly live camshows.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for real amateur swinger content, the 4 Real Amateurs network is definitely the place to be. They offer up 15 great amateur sites, several of which have been around for years and contain loads and loads of wild swinger sex, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. I'd like to see more of the girls get back into doing live camshows and some of the older content's quality can be iffy at times (the newer stuff looks fantastic though!), but with beautiful and slutty babes, super hot hardcore action, an extremely reasonable $19.97 monthly fee, and bountiful daily updates, the 4 Real Amateurs network is an swinger fan's paradise. Check it out!
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