Rating Criteria
At QAP, we've designed our own rating system that is geared specifically towards the amateur niche. Based on our system, the absolute minimum score for inclusion in QAP is 60. We feel that sites that score under 60 are not high enough quality to make the cut to be listed on QAP.

We take a good amount of time to review each site that we list on QAP and we think this is evident when you read our thorough reviews. Although just one member of the QAP team writes the in-depth review for each site (no need to be repetitive), all of us work together to determine the rating (in order to ensure fairness and objectivity throughout the review database).

Here is a detailed explanation of each element of our scoring system. We believe that some items are more important than others and we have weighted them accordingly.

  • Content Quality - What is the quality of the pictures and/or videos? Are they large? Are they sharp? Are there many blurry pics? We take many things into account when assessing the quality. 20 points.

  • Content Quantity - This is about sheer numbers. We base this rating on how many pictures and videos are in the members area. We have a standardized rating scale to determine the score for the quantity. 10 points.

  • Content Variety - How varied is the content? Are the pictures shot all in one setting, or are the pictures shot in various settings, both indoors and outdoors? Is the model wearing the same basic outfit over and over again, or does her clothing vary from set to set? Is the content boring and repetitive, or are all of the photoshoots unique, exciting, and creative? 10 points.

  • Updates - How often is the members area updated? More specifically, how often is the members area updated with content of the amateur you joined to see? We have a standardized rating system to determine the score for this item. In general, sites that update less frequently than one time per week do not meet our standards of quality. 10 points.

  • Surfability - How easy is it to navigate through the members area? Is the design intuitive and pleasing to the eye? 10 points.

  • Members Area Ads - How many ads are there in the members area? Sites with no members area ads will score a 5, while sites with a large amount of ads will score a 0. Generally speaking, sites with a score of 0 do not meet our standards of quality and will not be listed on our site. 5 points.

  • Interaction - Does the amateur(s) featured in the members area interact with her members on a regular basis? Things such as email addresses, webcams, and message boards will greatly improve this score. 5 points.

  • Originality - Not to be confused with Content Variety, this score asks the question: is the content totally exclusive? In amateur sites, this answer is typically a resounding YES since (for the most part) amateurs produce their own content. However, if members areas have a lot of extraneous "filler" content, this score will be lowered a bit. 5 points.

  • Value - Is the site a good deal? We compare the monthly fee to the amount of content and frequency of updates in order to determine the value score. We also take into consideration if membership to the site includes free access to other quality members areas. 10 points.

  • Overall Impression - This is the only place where our own bias comes into play. If we feel that it is truly a wonderful site, then we will give a higher score here. However, if the site left a bad taste in our mouths for one reason or another, the score will be slightly depressed. 15 points.

Total Points: 100

Based on the total points that a site scores, we assign it a ranking of either gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention, in order to better differentiate the quality of the site. A site that scores in the 90's receives the ranking of gold; a site that scores in the 80's receives the ranking of silver; a site that scores in the 70's receives the ranking of bronze; lastly, a site that scores in the 60's receives the ranking of honorable mention.

As you can see, many things come into play when determining the overall score for each and every site that is reviewed on QAP. When you join an amateur paysite that we have reviewed, you can feel confident knowing that you are making an informed purchase.

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